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Choctaw Nation - Historic Preservation GIS Plan 9 years 6 months ago #30

  • Ryan L. Spring
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Hello Everyone:

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Historic Preservation Department is in the planning stages of implementing a GIS program into our current infrastructure.

The purpose of this program is to improve and streamline our Consultation & Section 106, Tribal Archaeology, Cemetery Restoration, and our NAGPRA & Repatriation programs. GIS is powerful tool for offering services to the Choctaw people as well as the national and local community.

Currently our plans consist of:

Enterprise Server: The Environmental/GIS Department will host the main server for the whole Choctaw Nation. This server will act as the central hub for storage as well as a medium for servicing maps out to Federal Agencies and the public.

Workgroup Server: However, Our department will have a work group server in which we will store all our proprietary data. No other inter-departments and outside agencies will have access to this server. For further protection of the data we will draft a council bill for ownership and other regulations for access to the data.

Here is how we plan on arranging our data into separate GeoDatabases

E – Enterprise Server
W – Historic Preservation Work group Server
Public Perm – Data that Requires Permission to be released outside of the Historic Preservation Dept. Most of these projects and data will be on the Enterprise server. However the proprietary data will be kept on our server and only given out with special permission to other departments, agencies, and the public. Basically, there will be public and private versions of most of this information.
R - Restricted - Data is restricted outside the Historic Preservation Department. This data will require at the highest level Council Action to be released. The lower level will require THPO signature.

Background Imagery
Land Surveys - E

Topographic Maps - E

Aerial Photography - E

Street Maps - E

County Road Maps - E

Trust/Allotment Lands - E

Historic Topographic Maps - W: Public w/ Perm

Historic Aerial Photography - W: Public w/ Perm

Other Historic Maps - W: Public w/ Perm

Reference Shapefiles & Boundaries
Federal Lands - E

Choctaw Place Names - E

Areas of Historic Interest - W: Public w/ Perm

Historic District Boundaries - W: Public w/ Perm

Treaty Lands - W: Public w/ Perm

Supplemental Data
Rivers & Streams - E

Railroads - E

County Boundaries - E

State Boundaries - E

Cities & Towns - E

Highways - E

Roads - E

Cultural Resources
Town Sites (Old Choctaw) - W:R

NAGPRA & Repatriation Sites - W:R

Reburial Locations - W:R

Graves & Cemeteries - W:R

Traditional Cultural Properties & Sacred Sites - W:R

Archaeological Sites & Survey Boundaries - W:R

Stomp Dance Grounds - W:R

Churches - W: Public w/ Perm

Mineral, Energy & Communications
Cell Tower Locations - W: Public w/ Perm

Mines - W: Public w/ Perm

Wells - W: Public w/ Perm

Natural Resources
Resource Lands - W: Public w/ Perm

Traditional Plant Gathering Locations W:R

Eco Zones & Plant Communities - W: Public w/ Perm

Historic Reference Locations
Trade Routes & Exotic Resources - E

Historic Capital Locations - E

Historic Battle Sites - W: Public w/ Perm

Historic Forts - - W: Public w/ Perm

Removal Routes - - W: Public w/ Perm

Colonization Routes & Land - E

Special Projects
Stickball Fields - E

Other Ideas

For Storage I wanted to purchase some portable hard drives for the department. I also wanted to get an encrypted external hard drive that can be stored in an off site location in case of fire or tornado.

A large cabinet for paper documents as well as small maps.
Map Cabinet for storing large print maps.

Tripod for displaying maps when presenting.
Ceiling pull down hanger for multiple maps in house presentations.

I also want to budget in for Services and Subscriptions, what do most other tribes subscribe to?

Want to budget for Documentations like historic maps, aerial photos, historic topos, orthophotos, property maps, an historic county road maps., ect.


I would appreciate any comments, questions, or criticisms. Is there anything else large or small we may need to plan for or purchase? Any equiptment or accessories you would suggest?

I thank you all for your support!
Ryan L. Spring
Director, GIS/GPS Specialist
Historic Preservation Dept.
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
(800) 522-6170 Ext. 2137
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Re: Choctaw Nation - Historic Preservation GIS Plan 9 years 1 week ago #51

  • Frank Harjo
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Hi Ryan,

If i am reading your plan correctly, I think what you have listed is a plan of attack for your data. Yes, you can secure your data inside a database with different security access. The levels of ArcGIS server seems redundant and what you should concentrate on is the database. I think ArcGIS server is more of the framework for your tribe. You can still have your local database participate in an Enterprise framework, i dont know why you would want to have a workgroup ArcGIS server unless you are disconnected from the main network that has the ArcGIS Enterprise license.

Also, since we have been working with our cultural dept. here at the MCN, we usually scan a working copy and an archive copy which is at a much higher resolution than your working copy and save it to media and store it away.

What you might do is look at putting these categories of public/restricted/etc. into geodatabase that way you can set permissions on the geodatabase rather than individual datasets. It would make it much more easier to manage and setup user roles. Hope this helps.


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